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Review of ‘Iced Malice’

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin is having one of its worst winters in over a hundred years. Detective Kendall Halsrud is investigating the deaths of two teenagers which resembles the 12-year old unsolved cases of three missing couples. Kendall wonders if it’s the same killer, or does someone else have a reason for wanting these kids dead.

In Iced Malice Marla Madison, Kendall has to solve three really cold cases while hot on the trail of a killer who kills without remorse and in some macabre ways, while dealing with her feelings for her colleague, Detective Adam Nashlund, who, after being severely injured while on an undercover operation, suffers amnesia and no longer remembers what they meant to each other.

Chilling mystery (no pun intended) and warm human emotions entwine in a story that can only be called a page-turner. Get it while it’s hot. I give it four cool stars!

Review of ‘Relative Malice’

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When four members of a family are slaughtered, and their 10-month-old daughter goes missing, rooky detective Kendall Halsrud is determined to find the child—despite everyone else’s belief that the girl is dead. Homeless after being kicked out by her roommate, Kendall takes a room over a bar, where she encounters an exotic neighbor, a fake psychic and paroled hacker, Brynn. With the assistance of Brynn, and Adam Nashlund, a former cop, Kendall puts her career and life at risk in her pursuit of the truth. In the process, she uncovers family secrets that have lain buried for years.

Relative Malice by Marla Madison follows Kendall and other characters through the murky, distasteful world of pedophiles, baby merchants, and dysfunctional family relationships—a journey that will leave you breathless until the conclusion, that will surprise you.

Madison has enough twists, false leads, and red herrings to keep any mystery aficionado thrilled. Although I found the ending a bit too pat—as if the author felt she’d told enough of the story, and just added it to tie up loose ends—it was still a thoroughly enjoyable read. A good four star read.