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Review of ‘Make Me’

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Ex-military cop, Jack Reacher, hasn’t much to do and no place in particular to go. So, when the train he’s on stops in the little farm town of Mother’s Rest, he decides to get off and explore. The town’s not much; a few grain silos and miles of wheat fields. But, he encounters Michelle Chang, a PI who mistakes him for her missing partner. He was working what she thought was a trivial case, and had asked for backup; now he’s missing. With nothing else to do, Reacher decides to hang around with her a while. In doing so, he soon finds himself in the crosshairs of people who want him gone, but Reacher has a motto—if you want me to leave, ‘make me.’

Lee Child’s Make Me is another mile-a-minute, no-nonsense thriller featuring Jack Reacher, a man with no home, but with large principles, and he hates being pushed around. This book, like Reacher, will grab you by the short hairs and hang on until you squeal like a stuck pig. Pulse-pounding excitement on every page will keep you turning pages to see what happens next, and next, and next, until you’re finally satisfied that justice has been done. The only problem is, you’ll never be sure.

Not a book for the faint of heart, or for those who like their heroes cut and dry. Reacher is the uncompromising anti-hero who has his own concept of right and wrong, and when he feels he’s right, it’s best not to stand in his way.

I received a copy of this book as a gift. It wasn’t my birthday, and it wasn’t Christmas, but it was the best gift so far this year.

If you like your fiction dark, you’ll love this. I give it five stars.