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Review of ‘The Last Prophecy’

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Everyone is after Ana Martin. The police want her because she’s being framed for a murder she actually did commit, and a government agency is hunting her down because they suspect she just might be more than ‘human.’ When the great grandmother of her friend, Maria, comes to England, it brings Ana even more trouble. Fortunately, she finds a group of fae hunters who are reluctantly willing to help her. But, what is the last prophecy everyone keeps talking about, and just how is Ana involved? The answer to that question could save her life—or save humanity.

Lyneal Jenkins’ fourth book in the Ana Martin series, The Last Prophecy, kept the saga of Ana Martin going, and kicked it up a notch A woman who possesses the power of the Siis, an alien race with superior powers, Ana is being watched by the Siis, some of whom probably want her dead; hunted by the fae, a malevolent bunch who just want blood, and her own government. Jenkins manages to balance a touch of humor among the many spine-tingling episodes that mark one of the best books in the series.

You’ll find yourself sitting forward in your chair, rooting for Ana and her friends as they race to survive. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. The Last Prophecy has not yet been released. I received a free pre-publication copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Oh, and by the way, I give it five stars.

Review of ‘Frozen Flame’

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There are many who want Ana dead, and they’re not all exactly human. For starters, there’s her husband, Nathan, a crooked cop put in jail because of her testimony: he’s out now, and looking for her. There’s a force that is hunting the Siis, the race of superior beings who walk among humans. And, there are the Siis themselves: some of them have shown an unhealthy interest in Ana. So, she flees England for the United States to hide with her friend Maria’s family—noted witches—only to land in even more trouble.

The third volume in Lyneal Jenkins story of Ana, Frozen Flame, which I received a free copy of in exchange for my review, was a delight to read. Jenkins manages to keep us interested in Ana’s fate, while ratcheting up the tension and worsening the odds against our heroine in each book. She even manages to insert a bit of humor in the midst of some pretty gruesome—at least, scary—scenes.

This is a series that will keep you reading. I give it four stars and a big thumbs up!

Review of ‘Hidden Light’

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In the second book of the Ana Martin series, Hidden Light, by Lyneal Jenkins, Ana is trying to live a normal life now that her Siis lover, Gabriel, is gone. But, she has some of the Siis power within her, enabling her to sense evil intent, and when children start going missing, she is drawn into finding them with the help of her witch friend, Maria.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. After reading Night of the Fae, I anticipated a thrilling ride in this second book, and was not disappointed. This was one of several books I had on my Kindle Fire that I read during a recent two-week stay in the Mojave Desert. An interesting venue to read a story like this—it’s hard to go to sleep after being subjected to Ana’s chilling adventures as she fights the Fae, dodges Creed, a crooked cop who was her abusive ex-husband’s partner, and tries to stay one step ahead of the Siis who are keeping a watch on her.

The author has a fine way with words, orchestrating action, both physical and psychological, in a taut tale of magic, evil, and destiny that you will absolutely not want to put down until you reach the end.

Five stars for a great read!

Review of ‘Night of the Fae’

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Ana Martin is a 26-year-old who is desperately trying to put her past behind her. She finds herself drawn, physically and emotionally, to Gabriel, but as the relationship develops, she learns that Gabriel has a secret—one that will forever impact her life and the lives of those around her.

Ana learns that Gabriel is a Siis, a creature that can appear human, but that is far, far more than a mere mortal. Furthermore, she learns that she can tap into some of the Siis powers. This makes her a target of the Fae, fairy creatures that were once children, but that are now malevolent beings feeding off the pain and anguish of others, and who are quite deadly. In addition to having to battle the Fae, Ana also finds herself caught up in an ancient battle among the Siis.

Jenkins has done a masterful job of creating alien beings and describing their physical and emotional interactions with the human world. In so doing, she enables the reader to intuit their plane, or planes, of existence. Her depiction of human and non-human emotions is chilling and effective. The reader quickly becomes immersed and enmeshed in Ana’s struggle between her love for Gabriel and her loyalty to her friends.

This book defies genre pigeon holing. It is fantasy, it’s thriller, it’s romance—hell, it’s just about anything you want in a book—a well written story that you will enjoy reading. I give it four stars.