LinkedIn Got Hijacked

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Any of you who also happen to follow me on LinkedIn, the business-oriented social media site, might recently have received an email purporting to be from me, with a job offer that seems to good to be true. There are a few problems with that email. First, it probably IS to good to be true. In fact, I suspect that it’s a phishing attempt, and strongly advise against responding to it in any way. Secondly, it’s not from me. Someone hijacked my LinkedIn account, changed the password and locked me  out, and then started sending this email to my contacts. I’ve been working with LinkedIn to try and resolve this, but so far, no luck. This hacker is GOOD, and by that I mean BAD, because he–and, I assume it’s a he, although I suppose it could be a she, anyway, this hacker has fixed it so that whenever I communicate with LinkedIn, their response back to me goes automatically to my Trash folder. I now have to scan my Trash folder every day to make sure I get their communications. I even tried opening a new account and asking LinkedIn to delete the old account, but neither has worked.

So, there you have it. This person has caused me many hours of lost productivity. I’ve spent time working on this problem that I could’ve used writing, and it’s very frustrating because I’ve achieved nothing. I hope whoever it is, is happy at the turmoil caused. Not really. I hope whoever it is rots in hell.

Remember, if you get an email from an address with my name on it, it didn’t come from me, so delete it right away, and don’t reply, send a resume, or communicate with this person in any way.