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Review of ‘Soul of Stone’

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Gabriel Stone, the lost angel and gambler supreme, is back, and badder than ever. Draxil, the ex-Prince of Hell, has been reawakened, restarting an old feud with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They demand that he be turned over to them, or they will destroy Earth. Gabriel, though, has a problem. Draxil is linked to Aurora, for whom Gabriel is guardian, and if he dies, so does she. In order to prevent destruction, Gabriel must reunite Draxil with his team of demons, who, unfortunately, are either caged in Hell or scattered across the many planes of existence.

Gabriel’s challenge; break the demons out of Hell. Quite a gamble, and one he can’t afford to lose.

Soul of Stone by Leo Romero is the third of the Fallen Angel books, and it takes the reader deeper into the depths of perdition than the mortal mind can fathom. Action and humor war with each other on every page. This one’s a don’t miss for fans of the series.

I received a free copy of this book. I give it five stars.

Review of ‘Army of Stone’

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Gabriel Stone, Angel Enforcer and card shark extraordinaire, is back, and he’s badder than ever. In charge of the Angel Guild, he’s snowed under a mountain of paperwork, and the werewolf cabals and vampire triads have marked him for execution. Then, he learns that gargoyles from some unknown world are systematically exterminating the half-angel bounty hunters. With the help of Aurora, a dark elf, and Zane, a magician, Gabriel has to find the source of the gargoyles and close the portal to keep them from invading Earth in force. These three hardy adventurers organize an army, including the fabled flying horse, Pegasus, to combat and defeat the stone army, or the world as they know it will cease to exist.

Army of Stone by Leo Romero is the second book in the Fallen Angel series, and it’s just as wacky and full of adventure as the first. Improbably creatures engaged in impossible actions, but told in such a way that it’s almost believable, this story will have you alternating between chuckles and chills.

I received a free copy of this book. I give it four stars.

Review of ‘Heart of Stone’

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A fallen angel, clipped of his wings, Gabriel Stone has been banished to Earth, where his job is to defend against invading demons. When his former Siren associate is killed, he goes in search of a replacement. He learns of a Siren being offered as a prize in a poker game, he disguises himself and joins the game. Through a bit of trickery, he wins her, and Aurora, a Siren with special powers not possessed by other Sirens, becomes a part of his life.

Together, they must defend Earth against a renewed assault by Beelzebub, as a fire demon, and treachery within the guild of Fallen Angels.

Heart of Stone by Leo Romero is the first book in the Fallen Angel series, and if it’s any guide, this is a series worth following. Despite the serious-sounding theme, this story was a laugh riot. Gabriel is a hoot as an angel, with a teenage daughter to contend with, and emotions that are all-too human. Aurora makes a perfect foil for his slightly rakish nature, as the two of them develop a relationship that is more partnership than his usual master-acolyte situation with Sirens. All of the characters, even the demons, are good for comic relief as well as devilish action.

Trust me when I say, you’ll enjoy this book. I received a free copy.

I give it five stars.