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Review of ‘Road to Nowhere’

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Senior citizen Molly Meagher, a former lawyer who decided to get off the treadmill, would like nothing better than to be left alone in her cabin with her cat, but trouble has a nasty habit of dogging her steps.

When she finds a dog in the woods near her cabin that has obviously been abused, and probably used in dog fighting, she decides to take care of it. Unfortunately, along with Dog comes trouble with a capital ‘T’. Molly soon finds herself up to her ample hips in a criminal dogfighting ring using the secluded woods near her abode to escape the notice of the law. When they think Molly has spotted them, they begin to try to remove her from the scene—permanently.

Road to Nowhere by Lee Schultz is a really funny mystery that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that just because you pass sixty, life’s not over. Molly is a character (in many senses of the word) that you can’t help but like. You’ll find yourself rooting for her and hissing at the unnamed bad guys as she dodges bullets, ramming cars, and snarling dogs in a romp not to be forgotten soon.

It has a few typos and formatting issues, or I’d give it top marks. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to give it four stars.