My First Book Promotion for 2014 – ‘Buffalo Soldier: Yosemite

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Get number seven in the Buffalo Soldier series, Buffalo Soldier: Yosemite, free for your Kindle for a limited time only – January 5 – 7.

Ben Carter is ordered to escort a survey party from Fort Union in New Mexico to Yosemite Valley in central California. The mission of the survey is to encourage the U.S. Congress to expand the national parks system. What should be a routine duty for the men of the Ninth Cavalry’s Buffalo Soldiers is complicated beyond Ben’s imaginings.
In the first place, one of his men is seriously injured coming back from a scouting mission and faces a long period of convalescence. He is replaced by a new trooper who comes with a checkered background and the taint of cowardice under fire. Ben worries about the man’s reliability on a mission that is being watched not just by the regimental commander, but the President of the United States.
Ben learns a lot about the new man, and the people he is assigned to protect, during the long journey to California, and that his routine mission is anything but, as he discovers that the natural beauty of Yosemite covers greed and danger that rival anything he has had to face before.


Video Trailer: “Buffalo Soldier: Peacekeepers”

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Video trailer for my latest “Buffalo Soldier” novel. Check it out, and then get the book!

Review: “The Phoenix Egg” by Richard A. Bamberg

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Caitlin Maxwell is on the phone with her husband when he is involved in a highway accident. At first, totally distraught over the fact that he might be dead, she doesn’t make the connection between his accident and a subsequent attempt on her life in the expensive, high-security apartment where she lives. Thwarted by the apartment security officials, and viewed with skepticism by the police officer who comes to investigate her assault complaint, she strikes out on her own. When another attempt is made on her life, she turns to the enigmatic John Blalock for help.

Caitlin and Blalock quickly find themselves pursued by agents of the U.S. Government, Japanese industrial spies, and a French security official; all seeking something Caitlin has. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she has. Blalock has to use all his wits to keep them alive while they seek answers.

This is the way The Phoenix Egg starts; searing action from the first page; action that continues to climb page after page, reaching an explosive conclusion. Richard A. Bamberg has crafted a well thought out thriller, with action, suspense, and romance that devotees of the genre will appreciate. Formatting in the e-book format is a bit distracting, but, only mildly so, as are some of the long flashbacks, which, while being action-packed themselves, disrupt the flow of the current story a bit.

These two minor flaws are the only negative things I have to say about The Phoenix Egg, because it’s a must-read book that, the flaws notwithstanding, won’t disappoint.

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"Deadly Intentions"