keith ramsbottom: rebel leader

Review of ‘Keith Ramsbottom: Rebel Leader’

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In AD 59, Keith Ramsbottom is a youngster living in the small British village of Effluvium that happens to be occupied by the Romans. Britain needs a savior, but, other than the warrior princess, Boudicca, all they have is Keith, a lad who hates the Latin homework he’s forced to endure, and who, with his friends Horace and the slave girl, Pulchitrude, is determined to lead a rebellion. Keith is also enamored of Boudicca, and wants to impress her. His problem is, he has no real idea how to achieve either of his aims, and his dimwitted friend, Horace, is only helpful if there’s food to be consumed. Pulchitrude is the brains of his rebellion, but, as a slave girl, no one really pays her any heed.

Keith Ramsbottom: Rebel Leader by Scott Pixello is a hilarious story that is as historically inaccurate as it is hilarious. The author skillfully blends offbeat modern cultural references with semi-accurate ancient history in a way that will have you laughing until you wet your pants—something Keith can relate to.

A solid five star offering!