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Review of ‘Cassie Mason and the Oracle’

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When Cassie Mason turned sixteen the strangest thing happened; she developed magical powers. At a loss as to how to deal with it, her parents summoned her Aunt Jenni, a paranormal investigator, to help teach her how to control her new powers. In the meantime, people in her hometown begin to make magical transformations—the town is going magically crazy—and, it’s up to Cassie to set things right.

The Magic of Cassie Mason and the Oracle Witch by Keith Coppuck and Kelly Proudfoot follows Cassie as she learns to take control of her magic, while at the same time fighting off a magic invasion of her home. This is an interesting story, but it’s somewhat clumsily told—I couldn’t tell if I was reading a variant of UK English with which I was unfamiliar, or just some grammatical gaffes—and, the narrative is a bit choppy. The biggest sin, though, is that the book just sort of . . . ends. Cassie’s brother is missing, accidentally sent off with Loki, who was invading the human realm, and we have no idea what might happen next. The epilogue describes a young man, not identified, walking through a space containing interesting artifacts. Is that Cassie’s brother? Who knows? I hesitate to call the ending a cliff hanger, because the image I have is a reader hanging from a ledge by his or her fingertips, and that, believe me, is not a pleasant thing to contemplate.

There are some interesting passages in this story, and the overall idea is laudable—sort of your magical coming-of-age story, complete with humor and action. It needs work though to make the story flow more smoothly, and an ending that has at least some of the loose threads accounted for.

I received a free copy of this book.

I can only give it three stars.