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Review of ‘Creature Discomforts’

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What could be more normal than a college campus in Georgia? In the hands of author Jenny Peterson, that normal campus becomes anything but. Creature Discomforts is an interesting novella – third in the Descendants series – that takes us along with Rachel Chase, an appropriately named heroine, who, in addition to trying to keep up with her classes, chases demons and half-demons that only she and her kind can see.

I received a free copy of Creature Discomforts for review. My hat’s off to Peterson for her skill at overlaying a weird paranormal environment over an ordinary setting like a college campus. Her characters, demon and descendant alike, except for their paranormal abilities, come across as ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.

Peterson’s use of dialogue – if not for the subject of their conversations, her characters would be your average run-of-the-mill college students – is one of the strongest points of this short work.