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Review of ‘In Gallup, Greed’

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When Mirage awakens from an alcohol-induced stupor to find her brother, Lonnie, murdered, she can’t be sure she’s not the killer. She hires Cinnamon and Burro, amateur PIs and civil rights investigators for the state of New Mexico, to help her determine who killed her brother—even it’s her.

Cinnamon is on a quest to find her namesake mother who deserted her and her father when she was a child, and sees Mirage as a resource in that search. Burro, Cinnamon’s partner, is plagued by visions, but they often help them solve cases.

In Gallup, Greed by Tower Lowe follows Cinnamon and Burro as they become immersed in Gallup’s Native American art culture, a complex money laundering scheme, and a group of really, really weird people. The ending will catch you completely by surprise. A fascinating story that moves through several different points of view, with Cinnamon being the main character and in first person POV, to create a twisted tale that is entertaining. It would have been nice to know a little more about Cinnamon, her full name for instance, and Burro too for that matter. With the amount of detail given on attire and food, this omission was a bit glaring.

The author does a good job of planting clues, though, making this an interesting mystery to read.

I give this book three stars.