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Review of ‘Iced Malice’

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin is having one of its worst winters in over a hundred years. Detective Kendall Halsrud is investigating the deaths of two teenagers which resembles the 12-year old unsolved cases of three missing couples. Kendall wonders if it’s the same killer, or does someone else have a reason for wanting these kids dead.

In Iced Malice Marla Madison, Kendall has to solve three really cold cases while hot on the trail of a killer who kills without remorse and in some macabre ways, while dealing with her feelings for her colleague, Detective Adam Nashlund, who, after being severely injured while on an undercover operation, suffers amnesia and no longer remembers what they meant to each other.

Chilling mystery (no pun intended) and warm human emotions entwine in a story that can only be called a page-turner. Get it while it’s hot. I give it four cool stars!