Daily Post: Hi, Mom!

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What better illustration of motherhood than this photo? Mosey over to Daily Prompt and check out this week’s challenge. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi, mom; hello, daughter.
Hi, mom; hello, daughter.
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Cooking With Nancy N. Wilson

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Cookbook author Nancy N. Wilson
Cookbook author Nancy N. Wilson

Cookbook author, Nancy N. Wilson, has just the thing for the person who wants to make the right impression when preparing a meal for company, or just for the family.  Following are some of Nancy’s books with links for those who want to improve their culinary skills.

DINNER – 55 Easy Recipes (Volume I – Mama’s Legacy Series)



This is a MUST HAVE cookbook for all busy moms and dads who want to feed their families well. Dinner-55 Easy Recipes 2

This first volume in the Mama’s Legacy Series includes some of my personal favorites among the hundreds of recipes that I have collected over the years. Even though I was married for the first 20 years of my children’s lives, I always had to work – so there was never a lot of extra time for cooking.  As a result, I was always on the lookout for recipes that were easy to prepare in the shortest amount of time possible and at a cost that would allow me to stay within my budget.

I have other recipes that are more complicated, but I wanted to begin with the easier family favorites that met the above criteria. Most of the recipes in this volume range from very easy to easy, with only a few that are slightly more difficult.

Enjoy the collection and jump right in with the easiest to prepare: Balsamic Pork Chops, Carne Asada, Linguini with Clam Sauce, and Baked Mac and Cheese Casserole. Then, try them all! Find the ones you love to prepare and the ones your family enjoys the most. Enjoy this new infusion into your recipe repertoire.

Breakfast and Brunch – 60 Delicious Recipes (Volume II – Mama’s Legacy Series)


Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day and this little cookbook is filled with my family’s favorites that I couldn’t wait to share with you! Break&Brunch-cove - 60 Recipes

Breakfast and Brunch, Volume II of the Mama’s Legacy Series is a collection of 60 scrumptiously delicious recipes that you and your family will love. This is a new and updated version of the cookbook with almost twice the number of recipes that were included in the original version.

I have tried to offer a variety of recipes from my collection. The recipes include tasty easy breakfast dishes that can be put together quickly for those busy mornings when everyone is going in a million directions.

There is a great selection of healthy, easy-to-make smoothies for those days when there is no time for a full meal. Or, when you have the time, choose more elaborate offerings that work well for a big Sunday breakfast or a special brunch prepared for friends.

For family-pleasing breakfasts, you will definitely want to try my special “hidden secret” versions of Old-fashioned Pancakes, Yummy Waffles, and Not-so-Traditional French Toast to name a few.

This is a wonderful cookbook filled with breakfast delights that you do not want to miss!

DESSERT – 50 Scrumptious Recipes (Volume III – Mama’s Legacy Series)


Dessert can make an ordinary dinner seem extraordinary!

The choices in Dessert – 50 Scrumptious Recipes,  Volume III in the Mama’s Legacy Series range from the best recipe for America’s favorite cookie, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies  –  to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes, spectacular puddings, traditional and not-so-traditional pies and a large selection of unique special desserts.
You will find easy dessert ideas in almost every category – chocolate desserts, banana desserts, lunchbox desserts, Christmas desserts, Thanksgiving desserts and even healthy desserts.

Three of the recipes are so easy and wonderful that you will wonder how you lived so long without them: Chocolate Ice Cream Pie, World’s Best Cheesecake, and Floating Island. Try them first! The first two are long-standing favorites in the author’s family for birthday dinners and holiday desserts and the last was one was discovered while working as a corporate consultant in Switzerland.

Desserts-cover3With this cookbook, you will have a cache of wonderful dessert ideas – “sweets” that will please your family today, and can be passed down through the generations for all to enjoy.


CHICKEN – 25 Classic Dinners (Volume IV – Mama’s Legacy Series)


This is the perfect collection of classic chicken recipes that every good cook should know how to prepare.

The dishes in Chicken – 25 Classic Dinners, Volume IV in the Mama’s Legacy Series will not only please your family today, but can be passed down through the generations for others to enjoy. In addition to a variety of wonderful traditional recipes, there are a few unique recipes for the busy modern day woman or man who loves to cook and wants to feed his/her family well.

Chicken has always been the primary meat served in our home, so I have tried almost every kind of chicken recipe there is. The only non-chicken recipe in the collection is a bonus – my personal Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing recipe that I couldn’t resist sharing. 

The 25 recipes range from quick and easy pasta dishes to more complicated fare such as Chicken Divan, Chicken Étouffé, and Coq Au Vin. None of them are particularly difficult, but a few require extra time to prepare well.Chicken-cover

You will want to try every recipe because they are all delicious. Happy Cooking!

Mexican Favorites – 21 Traditional Recipes (Volume V – Mama’s Legacy Series)


The hot spiciness and rich flavors of Mexican Food make it a favorite across the U.S.  Now you can make it at home!

Mexican Favorites – 21 Traditional Recipes,  is Volume V of the Mama’s Legacy’s Cookbook Series is the only ethnic cookbook in the series, but I had to include it because Mexican food is my life-long favorite type of food and these are the best recipes I have found for making authentic dishes at home.

Mexican food was an integral part of my youth and was the only “eating out” experience I knew until I left my small hometown in Southern Arizona to attend college.

The recipes are traditional Mexican food  as commonly prepared in Southern Arizona. There is a little taste of everything from my own Homemade Tacos to Spicy Chicken Enchiladas Verdes to Creamy Margaritas and Flan (a very tasty traditional dessert).
I hope you and your family enjoy the recipes and much as my family does.

SIDE DISH RECIPES (Volume VI – Mama’s Legacy Series)


Lean how to conquer the side dish challenge!


Creative, well-prepared side-dishes complete the meal.  

When planning a meal, the main dish and the dessert are often fairly easy choices, side dishes are a little more difficult. The tendency is to prepare the same old things meal after meal. This collection of side dish recipes will help you get out of your rut.

The 60 recipes in Side Dishes, Volume VI in the Mama’s Legacy Cookbook Series is filled with quick and easy basic recipes, new ideas for old standbys, plus more complicated recipes that are elegant enough for entertaining. There is something for every occasion – including a few new and unusual dishes that I am sure your family and guests will appreciate. Hopefully, you will find a number of favorites that you will want to prepare often.

The first section is “How To” Instructions on Cooking Rice and Steaming Vegetables.  All the other recipes have been grouped in five categories: Pasta; Potatoes; Rice; Salads, and finally Vegetables and Fruits, which is the largest group. Most of the recipes range from very easy to easy with only a few which take a bit more time and effort.

Use your imagination and have fun mixing and matching the recipes.

SAUCE RECIPES – 60 Tasty Choices (Volume VII – Mama’s Legacy Series)


Often all you need to make a good meal or dessert great is the perfect sauce.

Sauce Recipes, Volume VII in the Mama’s Legacy Series is a special collection of recipes to accompany the other six volumes in the series.

The 50 recipes in this cookbook provide a wide variety of choices in several different categories:

•  Sauces for grilling and roasting meat

•  Sweet dessert sauces

•  Essential classic sauces that every cook should know how to make

•  Specialty sauces that are unique and do not fit into the other categories

•  Sauces for meats and vegetables

•  Sauces for pasta

Most of the sauces are fairly quick and easy to prepare, with the exception of a few that take a little more time and effort (but are so worth it) such as: Hot Caramel Sauce, Hot Fudge Sauce – The Real Deal, Sharon’s Lasagna Sauce, and Classic Hollandaise Sauce.

I encourage you to try each one and find your favorites – first for your family and then, others that are perfect for entertaining. Play with the recipes.

Many of the recipes can be used in a variety of ways – be creative and have a good time!

Get yours today!

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Review: “Love You More Than You Know” edited by Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer

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Love You More Than You Know: Mothers’ Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War, edited by Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer, is a collection of true stories that bear witness to the angst borne by mothers awaiting the safe return of their children from war. This book grew out of the two authors’ personal experiences when they began writing their stories and speaking at meetings with other mothers undergoing similar experiences, as a way to help them make sense of their emotions and fears.

This is not a book by professional authors; these stories are written by mothers who have sons or daughters who have put on their country’s uniform and taken an oath to willingly go into harm’s way for that country. Despite not being professionals, however, they are stories that could only have been written by the mothers themselves; they will touch you in ways that smooth prose written by a professional writer never could. They are stories of loss, grief, hope, and love; written from the heart.

This is a five-star book that is ‘must’ reading for anyone who wants to understand the true depth of a mother’s love. It will also help renew the reader’s faith in our culture, society, and nation. While the mainstream news media bombards us with stories of cynicism and selfishness, here you will see that we still have people among us who understand the meaning of service and sacrifice.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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This weeks photo challenge is “Home”. Check out the great shot they use over at The Daily Post.

This cozy living room of a hotel in southeastern Zimbabwe was like a lot of places I spent a lot of time in - so much so, that they were like home to me after a while.
This cozy living room of a hotel in southeastern Zimbabwe was like a lot of places I spent a lot of time in – so much so, that they were like home to me after a while.