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Review of ‘Hidden Spark’

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After his trip to Japan, where he finally avenged the deaths of his parents, Faz Pound had had it with magic. He returned to Cardiff and tried to live a ‘normal’ life, refusing to use magic. Instead, he retreated to his farmhouse with his vampire girlfriend, Kate. But, after five years, he’s bored out of his skull, and realizes that without magic, he is nothing. He aches to return to work. His friend, Dancer, now head of the UK Council of the Hidden, calls and offers him a job. He wanted to get back in the saddle, but going after a dragon that is keeping the dwarves from their hoard of gold wasn’t really his idea of the first job he wanted after a five-year hiatus. But, he takes it.

Now, Faz, the Black Spark, a Dark Magic Enforcer, is no friend of dwarves—heck, dwarves aren’t particularly fond of each other, and Faz knows that he’s really no match for a real dragon, but a job’s a job, so off he goes to the underground lair of the Queen of the Dwarves. There he finds not ‘a’ dragon, but The Dragon, the legendary mage who brought magic to the world. The Dragon wants his help, he wants Faz to help him escape the dwarves’ lair with his skin intact. Faz shrugs and complies, only to learn that The Dragon has a whole other agenda, one that could be fatal to Faz and all his friends. Faz discovers that it’s not real dragons he must fear—it’s all the other snakes skulking around in the grass, the woodwork, and just about everywhere he turns.

Hidden Spark by Al K. Line is the sixth book in the Dark Magic Enforcer series, and while it’s not the best of the lot, it’s still one heck of a fine read. The author knows how to pull the reader into the mind of his characters, to make you smell the brimstone, or is it Sulphur, and involuntarily duck when Faz’s tattoos start to pulse. Take my word for it, you’ll enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give this one four stars.