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Review of ‘Grumpy Old Wizards’

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Josephine O’Conner is 84, but has a face and body of a much younger woman. That’s because she’s a category 6 wizard. As a wizard of that category she’s been required to work with the government, but she’s now retired – or so she’d like to think. Her nemesis, Detective Riley, calls her in to investigate a serial killer who is using magic to kill his victims and erase all traces.

I received a free copy of Grump Old Wizards: Book 1 by John O’Riley for review. A humorous book, it follows Josephine and her two best friends as she tries to track down a killer whose magic is as strong as her own, while contending with an obnoxious neighbor and assorted other nuisances. It’s a humorous book – for a murder mystery – but a bit dry in places. Josephine is an interesting character who I’d like to get to know better. She is, in this book, unfortunately a bit cliché – the grumpy old lady who just happens to have magic powers and a smart mouth. There should be much more to her than that. Hopefully, she’ll be more fleshed out in subsequent books of what seems to be billed as a series.

Despite the stilted dialogue it’s an interesting story, that I suppose just grows on you. I give it three stars.