Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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Green can mean a lot of things; new growth, peacefulness, jealousy.  Here are some of my photos that symbolize green to me.

"Greenery around a castle"
The lush foliage around Nesbit’s Castle Inn in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe always reminds me of spring.
"Racing on a grass track"
Coming around the turn on the grass track at Borrowdale Race Course, Harare, Zimbabwe
"Mbare High School Marchers"
These young girls from a Mbare, Zimbabwe marching group look resplendent in their green and white uniforms.
"Victoria Falls"
The mist of Victoria Falls beyond the savannah, seen from Elephant Hills Lodge.
"Going for the green"
Making an approach to the green at Elephant Hills Golf Course over a heard of antelope.
"Guinea Fowl"
A guinea fowl with bright green plumage.
"Search and Rescue"
An Air Force search and rescue helicopter flying over a lake in Arizona.
"Vietnam Memorial Wall"
In a peaceful green setting, this stark black memorial honors all who died in Vietnam.