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Review of ‘Eden’

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Those who have power don’t want to give it up and are often reluctant to share it. Those who don’t have power want it and will often go to extremes to acquire it. When the balance of power begins to shift against those who hold power, bad things can happen.


When the male-female balance begins to shift drastically in favor of females, the men in power begin taking drastic and deadly steps to redress the situation. Eden by G.C. Julien and Ash S-J is a different kind of post-apocalyptic novel. The cataclysmic event is not a meteor strike, rising ocean levels, or a nuclear war, but a shift in the birth rate giving women a vast numerical advantage. This leads to all-out gender warfare and the creation of single-gender enclaves at war with each other for survival. Through character shifts and flashbacks the authors show us a dark world that, given the current state of affairs globally, is not an impossible scenario to imagine.


In the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation, the actions of a few free-thinking and courageous individuals offer the only glimmer of hope. It is on that hope that the fate of the world rests. A chillingly realistic look at a world that one prays will never come to be. It sucks you in to a whirlpool of action, human angst, violence, and hope, and spits you out at the end breathless.


I  received a complimentary copy of this book for review. Without hesitation, I give it four stars.

Review of ‘The Feral Sentence’

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Lydia Brone, wrongfully convicted of the murder of her mother’s abusive boyfriend, is sentenced to three years confinement on the remote island of Kormace under the government’s new policy of exile for murders. Once on the island, Lydia, or Brone as she’s now known, finds a matriarchal society, under strict but benevolent rule, as the women there try to live in some semblance of order and community. But, all is not rosy. In addition to having to survive the natural perils of this uncharted land, they have to deal with the depredations of a group of vicious rebels, and an even scarier band of ogres, women who have reverted to a complete feral state.

Brone, a city girl, who had previously been reluctant to change her cat’s litter box, finds that she must become as harsh as her surroundings if she is to survive what, in effect, is a life sentence. In the process of transforming herself into a warrior and leader, she also finds relationships unlike any she’s ever had before.

The Feral Sentence by G.C. Julien is a chilling dystopian thriller, set in a time, some sixty years in the future, that tells not only of the individual and group will to survive, but implicitly, what can happen when those in power seek politically expedient ways to mete out justice.

This one will chill you to your marrow. I received a free copy of this book.

I give it four stars.