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Review of ‘Frozen Flame’

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There are many who want Ana dead, and they’re not all exactly human. For starters, there’s her husband, Nathan, a crooked cop put in jail because of her testimony: he’s out now, and looking for her. There’s a force that is hunting the Siis, the race of superior beings who walk among humans. And, there are the Siis themselves: some of them have shown an unhealthy interest in Ana. So, she flees England for the United States to hide with her friend Maria’s family—noted witches—only to land in even more trouble.

The third volume in Lyneal Jenkins story of Ana, Frozen Flame, which I received a free copy of in exchange for my review, was a delight to read. Jenkins manages to keep us interested in Ana’s fate, while ratcheting up the tension and worsening the odds against our heroine in each book. She even manages to insert a bit of humor in the midst of some pretty gruesome—at least, scary—scenes.

This is a series that will keep you reading. I give it four stars and a big thumbs up!