Review of ‘Flowers’

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Flowers by Werner Stejskal is a small collection of photographs of flowers taken during the author’s trips to various countries. Each photo is accompanied by a flower-related quote.

Technically and artistically, this is a great little book. The subjects are shown to best advantage, in high-definition color photos with effective lighting. Two of the photos had hands in them, no doubt to hold them still for the camera, but that’s the only jarring note in the whole book.

If you like flowers, you’ll like this book. If you like photography, or photographing flowers, you’ll also like it, although, you might like it more if the author had included some details on how each photo was made (lighting, exposure, etc.). If you like pretty pictures, you’ll definitely like it.

I give it four stars.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

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Want to try your hand at the Weekly Photo Challenge?  Here’s my shot at portraying Renewal.

Nothing says renewal like a brilliant white blossom set in a bed of green.