falling for cindy fellars

Review of ‘Falling for Cindy Fellars’

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On her way home from evening classes at college, Cindy Fellars finds a lone shoe on the sidewalk. Her curiosity aroused, she investigates further and discovers a man being mugged by two thugs. Without hesitation, she rushes to his rescue. Saving Andrew Fairfield, a lawyer, changes Cindy’s life forever.

Falling for Cindy Fellars, is a short piece of fiction by Regina Puckett. I received a free review copy. Puckett covers a lot of ground in a very few words as she describes Cindy’s growing relationship with Andrew, and her fear of her evil stepmother, Margaret.

While I thought the ending a bit too neat (I won’t spoil the story for you by describing it), it was still a delightful mystery. I give Puckett four stars for a well-written story.