Review of ‘Eternal Desires of a Succubus

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Mired in a 9 to 5 job, short, and a bit too curvy, Isabel’s only outlet involves visiting a local drinking establishment looking for a late-night hook-up. One night, she hits the trifecta, hooking up with two gorgeous men (one after the other). The next morning, though, she wakes up feeling strange, and looking even stranger—she has turned into a gorgeous woman, one that no man can resist.

Isabel learns that her gorgeous hunks of the previous evening were Oz, and angel, and Gavin, a vampire, and that her encounter has transformed her into a succubus, an immortal being who can control any man’s mind and desires. Then, she discovers that she’s caught in the middle of a war between angels and vampires over who will have ultimate control of hybrids like her.

Eternal Desires of a Succubus by Lucy Lyons is a bit of an erotic romance story laced with the supernatural. It gets off to an achingly slow start, plods along a bit, and then takes off like a NASCAR driver heading for the checkered flag.

Competently written, and the characters, after a blasé start, become mildly interesting. I didn’t particularly care for the cliff hanger ending, and the interesting action started too late and ended too soon for my taste.

I received a free copy of this book.

This one I give three stars.

Review of ‘Expired Listings’

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Dana Black is a realtor with a lot of secrets—and, even bigger problems. She has blackouts, so she can’t always account for her activities; she’s having kinky sessions with Dare in empty real estate listings; and, she has an intense desire to get even with her mother and older sister—both realtors—for abandoning her when she was a child.

When local realtors in Rock Canyon start turning up dead, Dana has a problem; she’s not sure she’s innocent of their demise. Other realtors see the deaths as an edge on the competition, the public doesn’t mourn their loss, and the police aren’t too interested since they’ve been victims of publicity ploys by the realtors in the past. Only, Aidan Cummings, a sexy, but non-kinky, detective who is investigating the murders, seems to care as much as Dana does, and when she becomes a ‘person of interest’ he pulls out all the stops to help prove her innocence.

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr is a hard novel to classify. It has mystery, what with all the dead bodies cropping up in Rock Canyon, and it has elements of erotica—some of the scenes of Dana’s encounters with Dare might be a bit too graphic for some readers. Changes in point of view character can also be a bit confusing as Dana’s back story is revealed to the reader. The author does a masterful job of concealing the identity of the killer until the very end, and I found the denouement a bit too pat, although the characters, except Dana’s mother, Cassandra, fairly well developed.

The mystery element is four-star quality. The erotica is just so-so. I’d have to rate this story as only mildly interesting.

I received an advance reader copy of this book.

I give it three stars.

Review of ‘Man’s Ruin’

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Magdalene is the madam of a mob boss’s brothel. Tommy Flynn is the boss’s number one hitman. When a rival crime boss’s son is killed in the brothel and Magdalene and Tommy are framed for the crime, they are forced to take sanctuary in a cathedral while they struggle to find the real killer. Time is quickly running out for them as they are besieged on all sides, and Magdalene fears that her dark past has finally caught up with her.

Man’s Ruin by Nicola R. White is an erotic mystery in which there are no good guys, and it’s definitely not for the squeamish. It contains explicit depictions of sex and violence. The action, though, flows as relentlessly as a raging river, as Magdalene and Tommy burrow deep into the bowels of two rival gangs, dealing with murder and betrayal at every turn. No holds are barred, and the author doesn’t deal in euphemisms, so if explicit language and action bother you, give this book a pass. If, though, you like a mystery that pulls you in like an undertow, you might want to give it a look.

I received a reader’s advance copy of this book.

I give it four stars.

Review of ‘Stolen Innocence’

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Mary was a teen living a boring life. She wants adventure. Then, she’s kidnapped and taken to a mysterious location where she’s abused and forced to start transforming herself into ‘Elena’ to satisfy the perverted whims of an old man. As the days pass, she’s left with less and less of her old life, and is actually ‘becoming Elena.’ Then, one day, a savior arrives, or is he the key to her doom.

Stolen Innocence by Melody Anne is a disturbing story about human trafficking and degradation that follows Mary/Elena during her transformation. It’s somewhat interesting in that regard, but the plot seems a bit contrived, and too many questions are left unanswered.

Not sure how to categorize this book. It’s too dark to be a romance novel, but doesn’t contain quite enough action to be called a thriller. It will appeal to some readers, though, and does seem to set up for a possible sequel.

I give this one three stars.