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Review of ‘End Game’

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When employees of an advertising agency start getting killed in strange and twisted ways, homicide detective Hank Hankensen finds himself chasing a mysterious killer with a macabre sense of the dramatic. Darcy Austin, an employee of the Williams/Bailey agency who found the first victim drowned in his soup, becomes a double target – the killer wants her dead, and Hankensen just wants her.

End Game by Bob Rueff is a titillating mystery that has a bit of everything. I received a free copy for review and was late getting to sleep because I couldn’t put it down. Rueff includes a lot of inside dope on ad agencies, and knows how to grab a reader by the nose and lead him or her along the byzantine paths he constructs.

The real and the fictitious are so well described it’s hard to know which is which – and, in the end, it doesn’t matter. Rueff must be a good marketer, because when you’re done with this book, you’re left wanting more.

This was my easiest five-star so far this year.