Review of ‘Escape From the Forbidden Planet’

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Escape From the Forbidden Planet by Julie Ann Grasso is an absolutely rib-tickling science fiction story that I assure you will give you a couple of hours of pleasure. I just finished a free review copy provided me for an unbiased review – unfortunately, my review is a bit biased, because I fell in love with it within the first ten pages.

Caramel Cinnamon is a tiny girl – elf actually – who resides on the planet of Cardamom. Her rather idyllic existence is disrupted with the arrival of Alexander222 from the planet Ishqwartz, known as IQ by its inhabitants, and under the management of the IQ Corporation. Alexander is a clone from a long line of Alexanders, but with a difference – his planet is losing its source of power, a crystal substance, and he is determined to find a substitute.

Alexander222 finds the desired substitute in the sugars of Cardamom, and in order to gain control over it, he kidnaps Caramel’s grandparents, and subsequently her and her parents and transports them to Earth, the forbidden planet.

You’ll find yourself laughing until your teeth hurt as you read Grasso’s hilarious account of how Caramel and a band of Earth children turn the tables against Alexander222’s machinations and get him brought up before the Intergalactic Council.

Grasso is a master of comic timing and a beautiful melding of humor, human emotions (in aliens at that), and technology. I can hardly wait for the sequel to Escape to see what further mischief Caramel gets up to. Though written primarily for younger readers, it will thrill everyone who is young at heart.