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Review of ‘Where Secrets Lie’

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Kara Everitt is a police detective, driven to uphold the law and conflicted by the need to protect her adopted sister, Alyssa who is hanging out with a bad crowd. Just how bad she discovers when she learns that Alyssa has associated herself with a band of vampires, and become the servant of Logan. Things become even more complicated when Kara meets Michael, Logan’s childhood friend, and chief of a vampire clan.

The action becomes fast-paced and chilling as Kara finds herself strangely drawn to the enigmatic Michael, and caught up in vampire politics. Torn between a desire to save her sister and her growing attachment to Michael, she is soon immersed in affairs that she can barely comprehend, except to know that not only Alyssa’s life, but her own, hangs by a thread.

Where Secret’s Lie, a first novel by Ebony Kent, is a new and intriguing take on vampire tales, presenting vampires in a different light than the usual stories – as almost sympathetic figures, driven by the same emotions, desires, and fears as mortals.

I received a free review copy of Where Secret’s Lie, and found it a compelling read. A potentially fine novel, it is impaired, however, by a few structural defects that keep it from rising to the level of outstanding. Grammar glitches, such as the use of lie instead of lay, to instead of too and weighed down rather than weighted down, to name a few; detract from what is potentially a four-star book. One or two logical inconsistencies, such as Michael’s vampire hearing enabling him to ‘hear’ a conversation Kara is having in the next room, but unable to overhear his lover Kate’s muttering in the same room, need fixing. Despite these faults, I give it three stars for originality and creativity, and feel sure that the sequel, due for release in 2014 will rise to the level of writing that Kent is clearly capable of.