Review of ‘Megan’s Cure’

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When 10-year-old Megan Kim disappears from her coastal Alabama school, a desperate search for her begins. In San Francisco, newspaper reporter Enzo Lee is desperate to find a cure for his grandmother’s leukemia. The lives of these two people become inextricably linked. Lee is seeking Walter Novak, a scientist who was working on an experimental drug that just might cure his grandmother. Novak is also the man who spirited Megan from her school.

In Megan’s Cure, author Robert B. Lowe takes the reader on a harrowing journey that spans the continent, and involves shadowy figures with dubious motives, all of whom have an interest in Megan Kim. Pithy dialogue and colorful narrative descriptions make this a story that is hard – no impossible – to put down until you reach the end.

I received a free copy of Megan’s Cure in exchange for my unbiased review. But, I have to confess to being biased. The Enzo Lee mysteries are for me the epitome of what a good mystery should be. Fully developed characters with whom the reader can identify, and settings that are skillfully and accurately drawn. Lowe is a master at showing how different cultures interact, and at sucking the reader into the story until you’re convinced you’re reading a fictionalized version of true events.

An easy 4-star rating for this outstanding mystery!