deadly crossing

Review of ‘Deadly Crossing’

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A phone call interrupts Tom Dugan’s planned evening with his girlfriend, Anna Walsh. Two of his old Russian comrades are seeking his help to find the niece of one who is thought to be the victim of a Russian mob’s human trafficking operation, and has been brought to the UK.

Tom, with help from Anna, who is an agent with MI-5, and his business partner, Alex Kairouz take on the challenge, and quickly find themselves, as well as their family and friends, in the crosshairs of a group for whom nothing is taboo—and hard on the trail of a trafficking operation that spans the globe, from Russia to the UK to the shores of the U.S.

Deadly Crossing by R. E. McDermott is a first-class thriller, with just enough technology to satisfy the geeks who are also fans of the genre, but mostly with a look at the human dimensions of a plague on the world—the trafficking of men, women, and children. McDermott takes the reader into the minds of the perpetrators, those who risk all to bring them down, but more importantly, he lets us see what the victims of the heinous crime feel. Not a book for the squeamish, but one that once you start reading, you’ll be unable to put down.

A solid five star novel!