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Review of ‘Dancing With Air’

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Lenny Kasminsky is a young Marine serving in England during WWII. His mind and heart, however, are with his only love, Natasha, waiting for him in New York. Lenny is recruited by the high command to write a series of bogus love letters designed to mislead the Nazis as to the actual site of the Allied invasion of Germany. When Natasha comes to London to be with him, he has to write the letters to another woman in order to maintain their credibility. After he’s injured in an explosion, and Natasha is tending him, she discovers one of the letters, setting their relationship back—but, only temporarily.

Dancing with Air by Uvi Poznansky is the fourth volume in her Still Life with Memories series, which tells the story of love in war through the various eyes of a unique family. This war romance, however, can be read as a stand-alone book, a story that deals with the vagaries of personal relationships in time of war and beyond as Lenny tells his story up to the present day, when he has to face an even greater challenge; his Natasha is slowly losing her memory and touch with reality, forcing him to remember his life and all the opportunities he missed.

A heart-warming story that moves from interpersonal relationships and traumas to the horror and uncertainty of war in a seamless manner. This is not your typical romance novel.

I give it four stars.