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Review: “The Phoenix Girls: The Conjuring Glass: Book 1” by Brian Knight

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The Phoenix Girls: The Conjuring Glass, by Brian Knight, is a tale of magic that will delight young readers. Penny Sinclair moves in with her grandmother, and has to make the transition from the big city to the small town. She becomes friends with the school outcast, Zoe, and the two set off in search of adventure. They find a magical grove near Penny’s new home, complete with a talking fox. While there’s a bit of violence in this story, it thankfully doesn’t go over the line.

It’s unusual for a male writer to be able to successfully get into the mind of a character of another gender, but in this case, Brian Knight has not only done it well, he’s done it with an adolescent – that species of homo sapiens that few adults comprehend. Written primarily for a young adult audience, it’s not a bad read for adults who still believe in magic.

I give The Conjuring Glass four stars, and look forward to Book 2.


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