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Review of ‘The Daedalus Code’

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Agents Phaedra and Aegus, agents of New Crete’s Intelligent Data Enforcement Agency (IDEA) are tasked to find five missing AI students. Their investigation leads them to a mysterious hacker known as The Cretan. With The Cretan’s help, they learn of a rogue AI program called the Daedalus Project that threatens the freedom of society.

The Daedalus Code by Colin F. Barnes is a short novella that tracks Phaedra and Aegus as they bore deep into the AI networks of New Crete, putting their trust in an unproven lawbreaker, The Cretan, and their lives and careers on the line.

An imaginative story that is filled with action and future technology that science fiction fans will thoroughly enjoy.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I give it four stars.

Review of ‘Code Breakers: Alpha’

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In a post-apocalyptic world, what’s left of humanity lives in a single domed city run by the shadowy Family. Periodically, the population is culled through the death lottery. All is running smoothly until Jerry Cardle, the man in charge of the lottery finds his name on the list. He discovers that a malevolent artificial intelligence has invaded the city’s systems, which could spell doom for everyone.

With seven days left to live, Cardle must get to the bottom of whatever is going on, but he has to go entirely off the grid to do it.

Code Breakers: Alpha by Colin F. Barnes is a well-written science fiction story of a dystopian future, complete with all the techie bells and whistles one might expect from the genre. In addition, the author does a good job of creating the characters who might inhabit such a dismal future.

Great reading. I give it four of five stars.