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Review of ‘Moon Over Montana’

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Charity McCutcheon went off to Texas, and got herself into a peck of trouble. Y-Knot’s town sheriff, Brandon Crawford, took it upon himself to go from Montana to Texas to rescue her, and after successfully doing so, proposed marriage. Now, back home in Y-Knot, they’re faced with a dilemma; unknown to Charity, Brandon had applied for a job as a deputy U.S. marshal, and he’s received a response to his application. He now has to tell her, and face losing her, or give up on a job he has long dreamed of. In the meantime, Fox Dancing, a Cheyenne woman warrior, half-sister of Charity’s older brother Luke, the outcome of her mother’s time as a captive of the Cheyenne years before, leaves her tribal village to search for her famous half-white brother. When she arrives in Y-Knot, though, it stirs the anti-Indian passions of many local residents, and soon Charity and Fox Dancing find themselves facing mortal peril, peril from which only Brandon and Luke can save them.

Moon Over Montana is the fifth book in Caroline Fyffe’s ‘McCutcheon Family’ series. A combination western adventure and romance, it portrays life in Montana in the late 1880s colorfully and with the skill of a historian. The characters are full of life, and whether bad of good, act in ways that the reader can easily understand. While the book deals extensively with the romance that has blossomed between Charity and Brandon, none of the historical richness or actin is sacrificed in doing so. In fact, their relationship is shown against the backdrop of the times in a way that is both authentic and stirring.

This is a book that will appeal to devotees of both genres, a western full of action and historical color, and a romance that will set your heart to racing.

I give it five stars.