Carol E. Wyer

Review of ‘Surfing in Stilettos’

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Fifty is not the end of life—or the end of fun—or so Amanda Wilson thinks when she and her grumpy husband, Phil, leave home and head for a vacation in France in their camper van. What should be an idyllic sojourn turns sour when their left-at-home son, Tom, starts destroying their house, a piece at a time; the camper van breaks down, stranding them in a small French town babysitting with a geriatric dog; and, Amanda’s newfound friend, Bibi, in an effort to punish her philandering husband, puts Amanda in jeopardy.

Surfing in Stilettos by Carol E. Wyer is a hilarious look at life after fifty; as only a master storyteller could tell it. You’ll find yourself chuckling at Amanda’s adventures, and roaring with laughter at how she translates them in her blog postings, complete with comments from her fans from all over. Wyer has taken aging and put into a perspective that those of us over fifty can really relate to. On the other hand, you don’t have to be over fifty to like this book. Another five-star book from Carol E. Wyer!

Review of ‘Grumpy Old Menopause’

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Sometimes the best way to deal with a serious issue is to make light of it. That’s exactly what Carol E. Wyer has done in Grump Old Menopause.

What happens when everything from puberty to menopause is late? Why, you make a joke of it. Wyer covers the bane of a woman’s existence – menopause – from A to Z (with detours away from O, Q, and U) with her signature brand of humor. This book has puns aplenty, and jokes about the stress associated with the ‘change.’ At the same time she offers a few nuggets of advice that I, as a man, can only assume are valid.

You don’t have to be a woman to appreciate this book. In fact, if you’re a married man, it could be considered a survival manual. However you approach it, it’s a thoroughly entertaining read – as are all of Wyer’s books. Easiest five stars this month!