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Photography 101: Buckingham Palace

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During the past week in London, one of the areas that caught a lot of my attention was Buckingham Palace. Partly because I was staying at the Royal Air Force Club, just across Green Park from the palace, making it easy to get to, but also because of the history of the place. The guards are not as colorfully dressed during the dreary fall and winter, but still impressive.

I started with a shot of the palace from Green Park.

017 This was shot around 4:00 pm, when the sky was already starting to darken, and lights come on inside the building. This helps to establish the size of the structure.  I was also impressed by the statue and fountain in front of the gates, which attract less attention than the palace itself, but are in many ways even more impressive. Take the water gushing from the mouths of the figures, for instance. You cannot help but be drawn to that. 013

After a look at the fountain and statue: 008

One’s attention is drawn to the ornate gates and the crowds gathered around them; then the building itself:


Finally, we have the Buckingham Palace guards and these two photos I got just before it got too dark to get good exposures: