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Review of ‘Thunder’

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Selah Rishon Chavez, on the eve of her 18th birthday, captures an elusive Lander, one of the strange, marked people who occasionally wash up on the shore of her community. But, her captive is taken from her by her brothers, taken to be sold to the Company in the Mountain, and to make matters worse, Selah awakens the next morning with the mark of a Lander upon her on flesh. What she learns then will change her entire life, and only the Lander, Bodhi Locke, can help her survive.

Thunder by Bonnie Calhoun is a finely-told apocalyptic tale of a future-America after natural and manmade disasters have reduced the once-great country to a series of feudal settlements. It is the story of a girl who discovers a legacy that explains her troubled life to that point, while at the same time, it threatens to end it.

Riveting storytelling, relatable characters; this one will keep you reading. I give it four stars.