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Review of ‘Blood Line’

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Former CIA operative Ron Granger and his wife Valerie are awakened in the middle of the night by a couple of intruders. As Ron handles the one who enters their bedroom, Valerie hears their daughter Leecy scream, and rushes to her rescue. The incident ends with one intruder subdued, beaten senseless by Ron, and the other dead, shot between the eyes by Valerie.

One would think that in Park City, Georgia, considering Georgia’s Castle Law that allows the use of deadly force to protect one’s home, and the fact that the Grangers are friends with the soon-to-be police chief, that would be the end of it. It, unfortunately, is not, as the Grangers learn that a secretive government organization was planning to kidnap their daughter, and now wants to snatch the whole family. That won’t be easy, because not only is Ron a dangerous and deadly agent, but so is Valerie.

For a thrill-a-page read, I think you’d have to search far and wide to find a book that surpasses Blood Line by John S. Davis. I received a free review copy, and once I started reading, I was as hooked as a big mouth bass on a June bug lure. Davis writes in terse, action-packed prose, without a wasted word. Acton scenes are credible, detailed, and awesome, and characters are described in full color and are fully formed. The dialogue is pithy and appropriate to the genre. Stand back Ludlum, you’ve got competition. This is an easy five-star book!