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Review of ‘Black Spark’

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His name is Faz Pound, and he lives in Cardiff, Wales. He’s also known as Black Spark, or just Spark to his friends, and he’s an enforcer. But, not just any kind of enforcer, he’s a Dark Magic Enforcer, charged with sucking the magic out of normal people who use it wrongly, and sending it to a dark place. When he finds himself stumbling through a park, joining a chess game, and then using magic to kill his opponent when that worthy reacts badly to being bested, he has a problem—a really, really big problem. At first, he doesn’t even know who he is, but as his memory returns, so does the knowledge that he must put things right, or else.

Spark’s given just 24 hours to rebalance things and somehow remove the knowledge from normals that magic exists, or bad things will happen to him, possibly fatal things. As if that’s not big enough problem, he’s also told that he must deal with the Armenian, an ageless succubus who has decided to establish her base in Wales, and who is playing fast and loose with a high ranking member of the Magic Council.

Black Spark by Al K. Line is the first book in the Dark Magic Enforcer series, and, like some of the other works by this author, displays doses of dark humor and twisted plotting; warped characters—including a main character who has as many bad traits as good, but who still comes across as somewhat loveable, and profound observations of society. Starting off on an ominous, but occasionally funny, note, the book lifts off vertically and doesn’t stop rising until it’s at nosebleed attitude, then it does a roller coaster dip that leaves  your stomach behind, gliding to a most satisfying conclusion.

If you like your fiction with a touch of the bizarre, you’ll love this book. I received a free copy in exchange for my unbiased review.

I give it five stars!