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Review of ‘Behind Closed Doors’

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From the outside, Grace and Jack Angel seem the perfect couple. He’s a hotshot lawyer who has never lost a case, and she’s beautiful; the perfect housewife, living in the perfect house. No one seems to notice that she doesn’t have a cell phone, never leaves the house alone, and has no friends other than those Jack brings to their house—other than her sister, Millie, who suffers from Downs Syndrome.

Inside, though, things are different. Jack likes to win, and be in control, and Grace is the object of his intentions, almost. Jack has a dark secret, which he shares with Grace, and a goal, which he also shares with her, and both cause Grace to make a decision. She must kill her husband.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris is . . . well, frankly, it’s difficult to say just what it is. There are elements of mystery, a touch of thriller, one could also say horror, and a well-crafted, well-plotted story that follows Grace’s journey as she discovers herself, and learns just what she’s capable of, given the right motivation. Think ‘Stepford Wives’ done by Alfred Hitchcock, and you’ll have an inkling of just how scary this book is.

I received this book as a gift. I’m not sure what the giver was trying to tell me, or whether to be thankful or wary. Oh, I enjoyed the heck out of it.

It sagged a bit in the middle, but picked up nicely toward the end, so I give it three and a half stars.