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Review of ‘Andrea The Martian Robot’

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HWR-001-046-QF Andrea, one of the most advanced robots from Harrowgate & Webster, a small robotics firm, was selected to implement the first of three phases for the colonization of Mars by humans. Her job was to prepare the way for her human master, Adam, to arrive for phase two, and her main directive, ‘Human safety is a primary concern.’

When, three years after her arrival on Mars, Adam’s spacecraft is approaching, things begin to go wrong, and Andrea has to surpass her programming to save his life. The question for everyone, from Adam to Patricia Vicarro, director of the Mar’s Mission, is, just how far will Andrea go to fulfill her prime directive?

Andrea: The Martian Robot is a novelette by Anthony J. Deeney, author of Robots Love Blue. A stand-alone story, it nonetheless continues the theme of Blue, and explores the psychology of self-aware robots and human-robot interactions in a most compelling way. For fans of Isaac Asimov and his ‘Three Laws of Robotics,’ this story will resonate deeply. In a very short space, it explores profound issues that will leave the reader thinking about the future of mankind and technology in completely new ways.

I give this brilliant novelette five stars.

Review of ‘Robots Like Blue’

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In an effort to improve performance, a developer installs programming in service robots to allow them to communicate with each other. Robot Robbie, one of hundreds of service robots is assigned to Lucy, with the command to ‘make Lucy happy.’ In the process, though, he begins to question his own existence and self-awareness. The more questions, the more he learns, the more he realizes that he doesn’t know.

Robots Like Blue by Anthony J. Deeney is an interesting sci-fi story in the style of Isaac Asimov and other pioneer writers in the genre. Well structured, with robot characters that are in many ways more human than the humans.

Fun reading for fans of sci-fi. I give it four stars.