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Review of ‘Lie to Me’

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When Phoebe, Chloe, and Lily Matlin were born, their mother, who died shortly after their birth, named their special powers: Truth telling, Seeing, and Healing. While her sisters recognized and were able to use their powers from an early age, Phoebe was in high school before her ability to ‘tell truth’ manifested itself, and it did so in a way that most complicated her teen existence.

In Lie to Me by Angela Fristoe the reader follows Phoebe as she deals with the discovery of her hidden ability, and its impact on her friends. Life is never normal for a teenager, but for one of the ‘Freaky Matlins,’ discovering that she has the ability to tell when people are lying complicates her life beyond belief. When her best friend hooks up with a boy that Phoebe ‘suspects,’ but who she can’t catch in a lie, it not only threatens her sanity, it threatens her relationship with Nathan, a boy that she’s had a crush on since she first met him.

A story that is sometimes funny, often filled with angst, Fristoe takes us into the life of an American teen, albeit a teen with a unique ability, and keeps us interested until the end. The ending of Lie to Me was a twist. Although Phoebe satisfactorily settles her own situation, the book closes with a bit of a cliff-hanger regarding her sister, Lily. Thank goodness, Fristoe has written sequels, so we can expect to follow along with each of the sisters in future books.

Kudos to the author for a fascinating ride. Four stars for this one – we’ll see where it goes from here.