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Review of ‘New York Deep’

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Josh Reed and his team are tunneling beneath Manhattan to extend the subway system, when they hit an unusual crystalline wall, made of some unknown substance. When they break through the wall, they find beyond it a vast, empty space, or at least it seems to be empty. But, Josh detects an energy in the space, something he doesn’t understand, but that affects him deeply. Then, he finds himself pursued by the CIA, and the other members of his team mysteriously missing. He is forced to rely on his best friend and boss, Lionel Parker, to solve the mystery, not just to save himself and his team, but his estranged wife and son, and the rest of humanity.

New York Deep by Andrew J. Morgan is a sci-fi tale of time travel and other dimensions that moves at a breakneck pace as Josh finds himself traveling back and forth through time, and with each trip, coming closer to unveiling the secret that lies deep in the earth beneath Central Park.

Once you start reading this story, you’ll find it hard to put down, and the ending will leave you breathless.

I give this one four stars.