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Review of Man’s Search for Meaning: by Viktor E. Frankl | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor S. Frankl/Key Takeaways & Analysis by Instaread is a summary of Frankl’s book. It covers the main takeaways, from his analysis of what contributed to some peoples’ ability to survive the torment of concentration camps to an overview of logotherapy. It gives brief overviews of the three stages people in dire situations go through, from denial to apathy, and after coming out of the situation, the feeling of displacement and the long road back to normalcy.

This analysis does a particularly good job of describing Frankl’s writing style, from the dispassionate way he deals with the stressful situations of incarceration to the technical language he uses when writing about his school of psychotherapy. It makes it clear that this is a book that will appeal not only to experts in the field but to the average person who might want some guidance on how to search for meaning in life, and the fact that the traditional view of people like Freud and others that pleasure and power are the prime human motivators is not completely true; that it is in reality the search for meaning that motivates people, and not always for good.

After reading the review, I found myself intrigued by Frankl’s theories and look forward now to reading the full book. I give it five stars.