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Review of ‘#Berlin45’

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Berlin fell to advancing Soviet forces in May 1945. In the final 20 days of Hitler’s Third Reich, key figures involved in the global struggle called World War II, were on edge, waiting for the final fall.

Philip Gibson’s #Berlin 45 is another in the Hashtag History series that gives the reader an inside view of momentous events in history through the medium of social media postings. In this volume, Gibson covers the final days of Hitler through Twitter postings that take the actual words of those immersed in the events of the day. What comes through clearly here is how Hitler, in the final days, was completely disconnected from reality, and how those around him coped with the fates that awaited them. Tweets from the Allied side, including the aftermath of FDR’s death and Harry Truman’s ascent to the presidency, are brought to life in a way that readers of the current generation can relate to.

In #Berlin 45, the reader can see how the more practical Germans tried desperately to make peace with the western Allies (American and British) to avoid falling under the Soviet sway, and the competition among the Soviet generals for pride of being the ‘first’ in Berlin.

In a short book, readers can see the horror of war and political foolishness in a way that is impossible in wordier historical accounts. Gibson brings the war to life and helps young people in the 21st century better understand a time in history that, though, many decades in our past, still impacts our lives today. I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for this review. I give this Hashtag history five stars.

Review of ‘Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy: Book One

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When FBI agent David Cortez gets a strange email from an old girlfriend, Cara Fenton, claiming that her life is in danger, leading to his acquisition of the journal of a dead Nazi scientist and a strange vial of powder, he finds himself plunged into a 70-year-old plot by the enigmatic Odessa organization for world domination that had come back to life. Cortez is puzzled by what he reads, but concludes that it is somehow related to the sniper attack on a U.S. congressman – a case he has been working on.

What he finds, though, when he goes to Colombia to aid his old friend, is something much more sinister. Very quickly, Cortez finds himself in a situation that he finds at first hard to believe; until he encounters a world of werewolves and a deadly plan that soon leads to a global crisis – with him at its center.

William Inman’s Wolf’s Lair Conspiracy: Book One is a roller coaster of a tale that includes international intrigue spanning seven decades, and a murky world of creatures beyond his imagination. Inman will keep you on the edge of your chair as you wonder if Cortez can survive, or, will Odessa finally achieve the Nazi goal of a New World Order of racial purity, with it at the helm. Tight dialogue and non-stop action, written in such a fashion that you find yourself glancing over your shoulder at the slightest sound. It’s just that real, taking from current events that are all too familiar to those who recall the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, or who are familiar with reports of Nazi experimentation. This story includes everything, from suspension of civil liberties in the wake of an international crisis to economic instability and panic. Inman might have made all this up, but the man knows what he’s talking about.