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Review of ‘Badger Lake’ by Aaron Shaffer

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There’s nothing funny about a tornado or a murder. Well, actually, that’s not true; in the hands of Aaron Shaffer and the quietly funny Badger Lake, these two catastrophes are hilarious, especially when you throw in the antics of the staff of a small-town TV station, tropical birds, and local political corruption.

Two murders in two days in the small town of Badger Lake causes the small town news reporters, in their quest for the story, to run afoul of the East Coast mob. Throw in encounters with wild animals, a tornado, twelve state senators trying to avoid the governor, an out of shape sheriff, and a cross-dressing station manager, and you have a story that will have you rolling on the floor laughing your you-know-what off.

Badger Lake is a mystery with a deft comic twist, and Shaffer is a writer to watch for.