a mighty fortress

Review of ‘A Mighty Fortress’

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Iraq War veteran Milo Porter is a PI in Tampa, Florida. He does routine process serving work by day and coaches a powerlifting team for his girlfriend’s brother at night. One Sunday, a local lawyer asks him to deliver a summons to the grandson of a powerful mobster. He doesn’t normally work on Sunday, but for $6,000 he’s willing to make an exception.

The summons isn’t easy to deliver, but Milo manages. And then, the mobster’s kin is found dead, and his grandfather wants someone’s head—Milo’s will do. As he tries to find out who did the killing and why, he learns that the only crooks worse than the mob are the police.

A Mighty Fortress by S. D. Thames is the first book in the Milo Porter mystery series, and a promising start it is. The lead character has flaws, like any good PI, but is principled and never gives an inch where those principles are concerned. The author has provided an interesting supporting cast of characters; a girlfriend who can lift more weight than the hero, and a sidekick who is a cable guy. The setting, Florida’s vacationland, is painted in stark colors—this is not ‘Miami Vice’—and the action moves at a varied pace, sometimes slow and languid like the flight of a heron over a placid pool, and sometimes as fast as the strike of a Timber rattler.

This series is going places.

Five stars.