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Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures

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My life’s journey crossed significant bridges to become a college student, a military soldier, a husband, and a father.

I committed to a 25-year career that led me to my retirement bridge, crossing my abyss of excitement, fears, unknown possibilities, and imaginative opportunities of an uncharted world.

Other than consuming self-help retirement novels, I had no one individual who inspired or shaped my idea of retirement. I had ideas to conquer my bucket list of items, and I did. I settled into a permanent base camp of perpetual warmth and living near water to fulfill a dream.

As I nomadically travel around the US, I often reminisce about my ancestors and elder relatives who have died, never considering travel, let alone retirement, to enjoy outdoor leisure opportunities or hobbies beyond their careers of blue-collar work.
Oh, I’m sure they dreamed of retirement, but they live…

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Review of ‘Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales

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Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales by Ed Lehner is an eclectic collection of short stories that combine humor, nostalgia, and profound philosophical thought in one volume that’s a memoir of sorts that could very well be snippets from the author’s life growing up in Iowa.

From ‘Grandpa’s Horse,’ a short-short story about the author’s grandfather and a new horse that needed to be taught who was boss, to ‘Dana’s Story,’ about a woman coming to terms with her sexuality. Each story could stand alone but the collective is a complete treat and advisable if you’re looking for a few hours of pleasant diversion that will be at the same time uplifting.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I give this one five stars without hesitation.