Day: November 25, 2019

Review of ‘Not For Ourselves’

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Alyssa is a member of a group of believers in witchcraft in her local community, whose peaceful life is shattered when a group of drunks, off-duty deputy sheriffs, disrupts an event they are hosting to raise money for a local animal shelter. The leader of the group of rowdies, Justin Nevel, is the nephew of the sheriff, and when the group files a complaint, he vows revenge. Nevel focuses his rage on Alyssa, constantly harassing her with threatening phone calls. In an effort to learn why she has been singled out, Alyssa performs a spell, but instead of finding an answer, she finds herself merged with the spirit of Shannon Marie Cullen, a Scottish girl caught between clan tradition and her desire to be a free spirit.

What follows this unearthly reunion is love, betrayal, bloodshed, and murder, leading to Shannon’s untimely murder at the hands of a jealous bastard son of one of her father’s primary rivals.

As Alyssa struggles to make sense of what she is experiencing through this spiritual union across space and time, Nevel ups his threats, and sets out to kill her. She is tossed between the violence of the past and the violence that is plaguing her real life, and in the process learns that she is not the only one channeling spirits from the past.

The action in Not For Ourselves by Theresa Chaze begins on a high note, and continues to escalate to a fever pitch, as Alyssa makes sense of past events, and how they relate directly to her present-day life.

Chaze does a masterful job of relating events of the distant past to the present, and grabs the reader’s interest from the first page until the satisfying conclusion. You don’t have to be a fan of this genre to appreciate the deeper meanings contained in this work, but I’m willing to bet that after reading this book, you’ll become a fan, and look forward to more from this author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and I give it four and a half stars.