Review of ‘Shadows in the Water’

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When Louie Thorn was just a child, her parents, DEA agent Jack Thorne and his wife, were killed by the Martinelli family, a gang of drug lords. Only Louie’s ability to ‘slip’ through the shadows saved her from sharing their fate. Now, an adult, she has only one purpose in life; to avenge the murder of her parents. Using her ability, she eliminates the Martinelli gang one-by-one, along with all those who worked for them. Her aunt, Lucy, who shares her special ability, turns to ex-DEA agent Robert King to help Louie learn to live a ‘normal’ life. King, though, is working on a case as a favor to his former DEA colleagues that, while it appears routine, is connected to Louie’s past in a way that threatens both of them, and everyone they care about. Added to this deadly mix, Louie learns that she hasn’t eliminated every Martinelli. One remains, Konstantina, the bastard of the head of the Martinelli clan, has inherited his father’s position. The two of them share a long relationship that began shortly after her parents were killed, when, while sleeping, Louie would sometimes ‘slip’ to his bedroom in Italy. He is obsessed with her, and conflicted over his inheritance. While he knows that if she learns his identity, she will likely kill him, he’s driven by this obsession, and the desire to put things right.

Shadows in the Water by Kory M. Shrum is a mind-boggling paranormal thriller that, with its many twists and turns, will grab your imagination and not let go until the startling conclusion. Warning: this is not a book you’ll want to read on the cliché ‘dark and stormy night.’

I give this one four stars.

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