Month: April 2019

Review of ‘The Sensual Retiree’

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Just about a year into his retirement, at age 65, Joan Thompson’s husband, Phil, suffered a massive heart attack and died. Alone now, Joan sells her house and moves into a seaside retirement village, where she discovers that life, and sex, don’t come to an end after 60.

The Sensual Retiree by Gordon Smith is a delightful story of aging and how to do it gracefully. I couldn’t put it down.

Review of ‘Cause to Kill’

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Homicide Avery Black was once a promising criminal defense lawyer. When she got a client off who then went on to kill again, she was disgraced. She gave up her lucrative law career and became a police detective to try to redeem herself. Despite amassing a stellar record on the police force, she’s still not completely accepted by her colleagues. Even though they grudgingly acknowledge her brilliant mind, there is pushback when she’s included on a case involving the abduction and murder of girls from one of Boston’s prestigious universities.

In Cause to Kill by Blake Pierce Avery finally lands a case that can lead to her final redemption. But, she’s up against a killer who is every bit as smart and daring as she is. You’ll find yourself plunged into Avery’s murky world as she tries to get a step ahead of a killer who is brilliant and who always seems to be one step ahead of the law.

Despite an over-abundance of typos, this one’s a definite keeper for mystery/thriller fans.

I give it three and a half stars.

Review of ‘His First His Second’

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Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend is just too perky and irreverent to be a cop. And, in the bleakness of winter in the north of Britain, Detective Inspector Donald Murphy would rather have someone a bit more serious, even though he has to admit that Alicia is a cracker jack detective. Then, the bodies of young women start appearing, and Murphy realizes that they have a serial killer on the loose. When the father of a kidnap victim begins his own investigation that threatens to interfere with what the police are doing, it’s up to Alicia and her perky personality to keep things on track. Unfortunately, the killer begins to focus on her, and that’s when the tension really mounts.

His First His Second by A. D. Davies is a chilling tale, filled with dark secrets and obscure motivations that are so intertwined you’ll need Google Maps to sort them out. Kept me interested from start to finish.

Review of ‘C is for Cookies’

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Hansel and Gretel are like a lot of millennials, adult, but still living with their parents. When their father finally becomes frustrated with their stay-at-home status, he insists that they find jobs, so they become long-haul truckers. Their first job is delivering a load of cookies to a location that’s not on any maps, where they find that they’ve stumbled into a life or death situation, and the thing they have to watch out for is the cookies.

C is for Cookies by Marc Richard is a humorous take on the old fairy tale that is definitely not for children. Rib-tickling and scary all at the same time.

Another five-star alphabet-for-adults book.