Day: March 10, 2019

Review of ‘Last Reunion: an Ageless Comedy’

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When an over-the-hill comic joins his high school classmates for a 70th reunion at a posh resort near San Antonio, he and his friends have been promised that for the week they will be ‘young’ again. But, is the Social Security Administrations offer to good to be true? They’ve had to promise to forego the balance of their benefits in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but, when his classmates start dying he realizes that this might indeed be their ‘last’ reunion.

Last Reunion: An Ageless Comedy by Joe Dacy is both funny and scary. A tongue in cheek look at aging and the impact it has on the national economy, it’s also a subtly crafted murder mystery. You laugh and cry in turns as you make your way through this book.
I received a free copy and was frankly impressed with the author’s ability to keep the humor going, even when describing some pretty horrific events, all without becoming cheesy.

I give it four stars.