Day: August 1, 2018

Review of ‘You Dear Sweet Man’

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Advertising is propaganda. Not propaganda as in the message spread by the Church in the olden days, but that of Lenin and his ilk; the shaping of a message—often based upon a lie—to move people in a desired direction.

When Charles Hamilton, CEO of BurgerBlast, Inc., wants a new ad campaign to reverse his companies declining revenue he encourages his board to come up with a campaign, Energized, they enlist the help of two computer animators to create a ‘thinker’ ad, an animation that draws the viewer in to concentrate on their ‘new’ message. Now, Fast’n’Fit, Inc., formerly known as BurgerBlast, Inc., has a new ad on the subway featuring the seductive but sophisticated Samantha, a sex film star with a deadly secret ability to control minds, one person at a time. Her target is Bobby Fastow, an overweight, depressed supervisor in a newspaper print shop who is seduced into the ‘world’ of her ad.

You Dear Sweet Man by Thomas Nevaiser is a short, but enticing, story of how ads can pull viewers in all the wrong directions. A compelling read that, though fantasy, is all too real in its description of how companies use advertising to push an agenda that’s not always good for you.
I received a free copy of this book. Once I started reading, I was pulled into the story, unable to extricate myself until the end.

I give this one five stars for a captivating story.

Review of ‘Quilting for Beginners’

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If you’re looking for a new hobby, you might consider quilting. I know it’s old school, but it can be relaxing and does allow creative expression. Quilting for beginners by Kevin Durant, which I received a complimentary copy of in exchange for an unbiased review, purports to be the ultimate step-by-step guide to this retro art. While it does provide some interesting historical information about quilting, and introduces the craft (art?), the title is a bit over the top. In addition, the book is sorely in need of a good copy editor.

If you’ve never done quilting, you’ll at least pick up a few good tips. I sense, though, that not all the information in this book is accurate. The advice on cutting fabric, for instance, is impractical. If you only cut on the bias of a fabric, how do you cut the squares used in quilting. That piece of advice alone blew my mind.

I give it three stars.