Review of ‘Dark Application: ONE’

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While working at a DOD research facility, college student, Luke Jeffers, downloads some games from the facility’s servers to his phone. Unknown to him, the Defense Application for Remote Kinetics (DARK) is also installed on his phone, and he can’t delete it. It’s not long before DARK has taken control of Luke’s life and set him on a path of self-destruction.

Dark Application: ONE by Brian Krogstad and Lindsey Waterman is a chilling techno-thriller. Well plotted and well-written. The cliff-hanger ending, though a bit of a cheat, does set the interested reader up nicely for a sequel as DARK continues to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. My main complaint about the book, though, is that the prologue and the ending don’t match up. I won’t spoil the book by stating why, but there was clearly a situation set up in the prologue that needed resolving, and it never was.

I give the authors three and a half stars for a valiant effort, and a mostly enjoyable read.

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